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The Hanka In jewelry at Joe Concept Store

The Hanka In brand was born from the imagination of two sisters: Vanessa & Katia. Hanka, it's both rocks and golden bohemic jewelry with fine gold or gold plated. The whole collection is made in France in Parisian workshop. Precious or semi-precious stones, zirconium necklaces, pyrite or labradorite bracelets, bindi, rings and earrings, freshwater pearls make the brand's DNA. The Hanka In collection is characterized by the finesse of itsJewelry allowing accumulation, layering. The two creators have highlighted their passion for natural stones to offer you unique jewelry.

Koon cachemire : une marque appréciée pour cet hiver

Koon Cashmere: a brand appreciated for this winter

For this autumn / winter, I am pleased to welcome the Koon Cashmere brand. The 2 creative friends had the very good idea to create the essential accessory of winter: the collar, but also the cups and mittens, all in 100% cashmere of Mongolia. The passes are warmer and less cumbersome than a scarf, especially if you are scooter, they will make your happiness. the Koon Koon Cashmere You also guarantees softness and comfort with a non-irritating effect on the skin. Besides, you can also wear them to the skided-colored home to spend the winter warm, in a comfortable and...

Les bijoux Diaperis chez Joée concept store

The diaperis jewelry at Joe Concept Store

Diaperis is a brand founded in 2018 by Martine Menguy, his creations come from precious and semi-precious stones. It is with the discovery of India that the Creator has decided to create its brand. The diaperis jewelry are gold plated and come in earrings, rods and bracelets, necklaces or necklaces, all more spectacular than each other with pure and quality semi-precious stones. By a subtle mix of materials and colors, diaperis jewelry are distinguished thanks to their colorful and luxurious universe, which invites you to the trip. Discover these bright jewelry without delay with a bohemian style that will illuminate...

Quelle tenue choisir pour un hiver 2021 en beauté ?

What outfit to choose for a beautiful winter 2021?

The snowflakes are falling, the cold is back and our big coats too, no more doubts: winter is here!

With so much going on in the world right now and all the things that we can forget at the moment, fashion, on the other hand, remains one of the only things that is not a victim of restrictions.

Nos bijoux coups de cœur pour être belle en toute circonstance !

Our favorite jewels to be beautiful in all circumstances!

To accompany your best outfit or to be dressed even at home or for your zoom meetings, we have selected some favorite jewels to make you feel beautiful in all circumstances. Highlight your face To highlight your face, we have chosen three pairs of unique earrings. Perrine Taverniti Perrine Taverniti launched her brand in 2017. A concept based on strong pieces with large links as well as a slight patina to give them a vintage look. From the Monceau or Lafayette necklace or bracelet, to the curb chain, you will be on top of the trend by wearing these jewels...

Nos coups de cœur pour l’automne !

Our favorites for fall!

The cold is back, the leaves are falling, and the sun is gone ... no doubt: autumn has arrived! Light, little dresses, shorts and sunglasses can be back in the closet until next year ... Obviously, that's no reason to let your spirits fade with summer! Autumn is also an opportunity to renew your wardrobe and create new outfits in pretty seasonal tones: brown, beige, ocher, gray, khaki… At Joée, you will inevitably find “coup” clothes. heart ”to add some light to your fall. To help you redo your wardrobe and brighten up this season, we have concocted a small...