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Dragon Diffusion : LA marque de référence pour ce printemps été !

Dragon Diffusion: THE reference brand for this spring and summer!

If you are looking for a quality woven leather bag, with a timeless line that will suit every moment of your day, you have probably heard of Dragon Diffusion. This Belgian brand has become a reference in the world of woven leather thanks to its exceptional quality products. Since the creation of the concept store Joée, we have spotted this brand which is present throughout the year through all its models in the store and on the website Joé Handcrafted and trendy creations with a committed design Dragon Diffusion's leather bags are made of top quality materials, such as supple...



At Joée, we offer you multiple virtues. Thanks to the virtue of stones, each of you can find happiness, we are certain! We have prepared you a guide to stones and their power on the psychic but also physical side: Amazonite : It is a green mineral, which can be translucent or opaque. Emotional plan: helps gain confidence in his relationship, brings tenderness and soothes the feelings of frustrations. Physical plan: helps to fight against tendencies to depression The amethyst : It is a variety of quartz, purple in color, which can be translucent or opaque. Emotional plan: promotes calm...


3 reasons to immerse yourself in lithotherapy!

The stones have real virtues gathered in a single practice called "lithotherapy". This technique uses the properties of stones and crystals in order to take real care, by rebalancing the vital functions of the organism, acting both on the physical plane and the psychic plan! Fascinating isn't it? At Joée, we believe in the benefits of stones and we offer you an assortment of superb jewelry that will suit each of you! Reason 1: A practice that is not new yesterday The craze around the stones dates back many centuries back. Many civilizations built temples and precious stone statues in...


Do you know the Valentine Gauthier brand?

Your Joée concept store is pleased to add a new brand to its collection: that of Valentine Gauthier. This name means nothing to you ? Or on the contrary, you already wear these clothes of which you like both shapes, materials and colors? Joée opens its doors to you so that you fell in love with this brand with ready-to-wear both high-end, desirable and durable. Available online and in your concept store! You know that you can count on Joée to surprise you throughout the year ... Indeed, with us, you will have the opportunity to get your hands on...

Pour cet été, craquez pour le style “Mare di Latte”

For this summer, fall for the “Mare di Latte” style

Whether you live in the north or in the south, June has already glimpsed the weather for this summer: sunny, warm but pleasant. Indeed, you have already done your spring cleaning in your wardrobe for two reasons: the first because you are tired of wear winter clothes (coat, sweater, pants, boots), and especially because you Want to find the outfits you can wear during the summer period. While you have always recycled your clothes in recent years by ecological conviction or by budgetary concerns, you want this summer to please yourself. The Concept Store Joée opens its doors to you...

collier hanka in

The Hanka In jewelry at Joe Concept Store

The Hanka In brand was born from the imagination of two sisters: Vanessa & Katia. Hanka, it's both rocks and golden bohemic jewelry with fine gold or gold plated. The whole collection is made in France in Parisian workshop. Precious or semi-precious stones, zirconium necklaces, pyrite or labradorite bracelets, bindi, rings and earrings, freshwater pearls make the brand's DNA. The Hanka In collection is characterized by the finesse of itsJewelry allowing accumulation, layering. The two creators have highlighted their passion for natural stones to offer you unique jewelry.