Your Joée concept store is pleased to add a new brand to its collection: that of Valentine Gauthier. This name means nothing to you ? Or on the contrary, you already wear these clothes of which you like both shapes, materials and colors? Joée opens its doors to you so that you fell in love with this brand with ready-to-wear both high-end, desirable and durable.

Available online and in your concept store!

You know that you can count on Joée to surprise you throughout the year ... Indeed, with us, you will have the opportunity to get your hands on quality clothes and accessories to add parts to your Dressing room with each new season.

Summer is there this year, with its warm and sunny days. Whether you stayed in the capital by choice or have left in another region or even abroad, you liked to bring out your summer clothes, synonymous with lightness and many colors?

You nevertheless need something new ... You already know, you can find them at Joée! With the arrival of our new brand, Valentine Gauthier, here is a taste of what awaits you on the shelves:

• T-shirts and sweatshirts;
• Tops and blouses;
• Dresses and skirts;
• jackets and coats;
• Mears ...

Wondering what surprise can you still reserve you Joée? Know that we do not select our brands at random ... their commitment to the design of high quality and eco-responsible products is obviously an important issue to take into account.

Valentine Gauthier: a committed brand

Before you rush on the shelves, have you also got the right habit for a few years to look at a brand's commitments? You know Joée: If your concept store has directed its choice to the clothing and accessories of Valentine Gauthier, it is because the brand combines materials and innovation, and short circuits between their weavers and the workshops.

Do you want to know more about this commitment that interests you? First, the materials used by Valentine Gauthier were chosen in an eco-responsible manner. So be sure to offer you a new female, ethical and quality cloakroom.

You know that creating a sustainable and responsible fashion represents an important issue in today's world and Valentine Gauthier (brand founded in 2009) has understood this! Their goal is to offer you clothes designed in this process, so that you can enjoy a high-end wardrobe while respecting your environmental consciousness.

What are you waiting for to do without the doors of Joée, locate the Valentine Gauthier brand and choose the look you like to try and adopt it?

August 31, 2022 — Isabelle Schweke

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