Laurence Bras

Passionate about vintage fashion, Laurence Doligné, the famous French fashion designer, became Laurence Bras to embark on a new adventure and create her new ready-to-wear brand in 2015 with her sister Anne. From her cabin-boutique on the edge of Goa beach in India, Laurence imagined her collection for active, cool women with elegance and simplicity. The collection is made up of different materials ranging from velvet to mesh in trendy colors such as khaki and sand tones. Both timeless and modern, the Laurence Bras Shop collections are easily recognizable.

Laurence Bras Shop presents a collection of various clothing items such as pajamas, blouses, skirts, and even the famous feminized men's shirt.

- The Laurence Bras Blouse: Find the Piece that Suits You! -
For your evenings, work, or simply for your casual look, the Cigar model by Laurence Bras will enhance your appearance in all circumstances. From white blouses to floral or printed ones, the range highlights a feminine spirit for a bohemian chic look. Among the materials offered, you will find cotton and silk in solid colors or unique prints. With the Laurence Bras blouse, assert your boyish style, both fashionable and offbeat.

- Elegance and Simplicity: The Fashionable Laurence Bras Shirt -
Plain or patterned, the Laurence Bras shirt accompanies you on all your outings! Both original and uninhibited, the shirts in the collection transport us through the designer's journeys. A desire for elsewhere? The shirts take you to the other side of the world with their Franco-Indian inspirations. For a chic and uninhibited look, the Laurence Bras shirt will go well with many other pieces in your wardrobe.

- Romantic, Modern, and Uninhibited: Discover the Laurence Bras Skirt -
The different models of skirts offered by the founder of the brand reveal a style that is both vintage and folk. Like modern women today, skirts with clean and delicate lines are made with delicate materials. For a casual and retro style, the Laurence Bras skirt will adapt to your trendy pieces for a harmonious and modern look.

- In Summer as in Winter, the Laurence Bras Dress Will Fit You Like a Glove! -
For your summer evenings and outings in winter, the dresses made by the designer will meet all your expectations. Asymmetrical, offbeat, or more classic, the Laurence Bras dress seduces us with its many facets! Flowery, geometric, patterned, pastel, or vibrant colors, this dress will be your essential summer rendezvous!