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Rivecour is a shoe brand with chic, timeless, and comfortable lines, and modern and elegant leather goods. This is the fourth season for Edouard Aubin, the creator of the brand, who operates in small runs, always guided by beautiful materials and quality craftsmanship.

You will find the pieces you are looking for, whether it's the Rivecour sandals that will highlight your feet, or the elegant Rivecour bag with vegetable tanning.

If you haven't yet fallen for one of these pairs, discover the Rivecour bootie that will surely convince you! You will definitely find the perfect shoe for your foot and bag for your arm... The brand's strong point? The quality of its leathers and its feminine and elegant models!

- A close-up look at the trendy Rivecour sandals! -
Your concept store has found the most fashionable models for this year! If you want to combine comfort with elegance, Rivecour sandals are made for you. Flat or heeled, these sandals will suit any type of event: weddings, cocktails, chic or casual evenings... Ideal for showcasing your feet and silhouette, Rivecour sandals adapt to your style for a feminine and trendy look.

- Rivecour Sneakers, Boots, and Booties for a Chic and Refined Winter! -
Winter is fast approaching, and unfortunately, it's time to put your summer pairs away for a few months... But it's not that bad because, with a new season comes a new look, and while we can't do anything about changing the season, we can help you refresh your wardrobe! Take a look at our Rivecour booties, a stunning bootie model made from a single piece of leather to wrap your foot in a cocoon of comfort.

You'll also find your perfect match in terms of heels: from flat to high heels, from sneakers to ultra-chic boots. With your pair of Rivecour boots or booties, you'll ensure a chic and streamlined look to face the winter with serenity. As you can see, Rivecour offers booties and boots with balanced lines, a wide range of heels (beveled, Santiag-style, straight), and stylish sneakers to accompany you throughout the day.