CT Plage

The brand's designers have delved into both the creation of designs and the conception of models, as well as implementing manufacturing methods that respect the quality of the materials used. As a result, the collections are known for their simplicity and comfort. CT Plage designs also feature relaxed and chic lines.

Looking for the perfect coat to shine this winter? Opt for a minimalist yet sensational design that redefines winter style. Beyond the coat, a CT Plage pullover adds that little touch of flair that transforms an everyday look into a true style statement.

Immerse yourself in the irresistible softness of our CT Plage pullover or let yourself be seduced by the comfort of our hooded jackets. At CT Plage, every fiber is designed to celebrate the diversity of shapes and moods, all while asserting a brand-specific identity. You're not just wearing clothes; you're adopting a lifestyle. Make room for timeless charm and bold brilliance: your wardrobe will thank you!