The stones have real virtues gathered in a single practice called "lithotherapy".

This technique uses the properties of stones and crystals in order to take real care, by rebalancing the vital functions of the organism, acting both on the physical plane and the psychic plan!

Fascinating isn't it?

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Reason 1: A practice that is not new yesterday
The craze around the stones dates back many centuries back.
Many civilizations built temples and precious stone statues in India for example. The stones have gradually become a divine symbol.
Later, in the 1970s, this practice was popularized and many theses were carried out, defining all the benefits of stones in medicine.

Reason 2: An alternative medicine, and 100% natural
If you want to come back to a more natural, healthier and more traditional lifestyle, lithotherapy is made for you!
There lithotherapy is a real way of life, made up of multiple rituals, dedicated to oneself, to its nature and its being. Thanks to this practice, we learn to listen to each other and listen to what surrounds us by letting out the stress and the surrounding tensions.

Reason n ° 3: Stones with a thousand virtues
In direct contact on the skin in jewelry, in massage with crystal oils or even in elixir to taste, the stones are used in various ways.
Lithotherapy promises many benefits adapted to different issues:

- Stress
- Fatigue
- Digestion
- Sleep among others

Each stone has its role on physical and mental health and they must be used wisely!

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See you soon to discover the benefits and virtues of the stones that you will find in the selection of jewelry at Joée.

October 23, 2022 — Isabelle Schweke

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