At Joée, we offer you multiple virtues.
Thanks to the virtue of stones, each of you can find happiness, we are certain!

We have prepared you a guide to stones and their power on the psychic but also physical side:

Amazonite : It is a green mineral, which can be translucent or opaque.
Emotional plan: helps gain confidence in his relationship, brings tenderness and soothes the feelings of frustrations.
Physical plan: helps to fight against tendencies to depression

The amethyst : It is a variety of quartz, purple in color, which can be translucent or opaque.
Emotional plan: promotes calm sleep, it soothes and helps to let go
Physical plan: helps fight against addictions and digestive problems

- Aigue Marine : It’s a variety of Béryl, just like the emerald. It is a transparent mineral, in light blue in color, which evokes sea water
Emotional plan: it is a soothing stone, which promotes communication and exteriorization

Physical plan: help against allergies, throat irritation or dental pain.

- Jaspe : It is a variety of calcédonia which presents itself in many colors emotional plan: it is a convivial stone, it helps to highlight itself and to gain self -confidence
Physical plan: it promotes healing and regulates hormones.

- Labradorite : It has many blue or green reflections
Emotional plan: it is a protective stone, it protects from negative energies and suffering from others
Physical plan: it has regenerating and relaxing properties that help fight great fatigue.

- Eye of tiger : It is a variety of quartz with a yellow and brown tiger color.
Emotional plan: it is a protective stone that acts against negative energies and helps fight stress
Physical plan: helps fighting stomach and digestion problems.

- smoked quartz : It has a pale beige appearance that can move to the noise through all the brown densities.
Emotional plan: it helps chase black ideas, anxieties and fears to reassure us.

Physical plan: it helps to take up the challenges, it is notably used in smoking cessation

- Tourmaline : It is a mineral that can be in different colors: green, pink, red, ocher, brown, blue, black, multicolored.
Emotional plan: It has protection properties against negative energies from others and it helps to connect to its deep needs.

Physical plan: It is very useful to help eliminate surpluses of sugars and fats, it is used in support during diets.

- the emerald : It is a green mineral, which can be very pale or dark
Emotional plan: it contributes to the harmony of relationships, it encourages benevolence and openness to others.
Physical plan: It helps to appease the digestive system and the disorders of other organs such as the liver for example.

- Citrine : It’s a variety of yellow quartz.
Emotional plan: it promotes the balance of energies and concentration.
Physical plan: It helps relieve problems of constipation and menstrual pain.

- Black spine : She is totally black.
Emotional plan: it is a powerful stone, acting on vigor and dynamism.

Physical plan: help relieve bone and joint pain.

- Ruby : It is a precious red stone
Emotional plan: it gives joy of life and enthusiasm, it is a very positive stone. It stimulates creativity and strengthens will and courage.
Physical plan: it helps protect the heart and the circulatory system, it relieves tensions and cramps and protects sea from sea from sea.

- Sapphire : It is a precious stone with different shades of blue.
Emotional plan: it is a soothing stone, which calms anger, sadness and fears and which promotes sleep
Physical plan: it relieves headaches and soothes joint pain and nerves

- Garnet : It's a Regenerating stone, it brings serenity or passion. Garnet inspires love, it is a stone of engagement.

- Lapis Lazuli : is a fine stone with a deep blue. stone of wisdom, intuition and truth.

Emotional plan:She accompanies to reach inner peace. It is a serenity stone.

Physical plan: it brings relief for headaches.

November 16, 2022 — Isabelle Schweke

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