If you are looking for a quality woven leather bag, with a timeless line that will suit every moment of your day, you have probably heard of Dragon Diffusion. This Belgian brand has become a reference in the world of woven leather thanks to its exceptional quality products.

Since the creation of the concept store Joée, we have spotted this brand which is present throughout the year through all its models in the store and on the website Joée.fr.

Handcrafted and trendy creations with a committed design

Dragon Diffusion's leather bags are made of top quality materials, such as supple hand-woven leather. Each bag is made by hand and takes 3 weeks of work. The brand is committed to using environmentally friendly products (such as vegetable fibers). The bags are also created with an attention to detail to ensure a careful finish and a long life.

Dragon Diffusion offers a wide range of woven leather bags for women, from woven leather baskets of all sizes, to shoulder bags, not to mention woven leather totes worn on the shoulder! The brand's modern and timeless designs are made to fit any lifestyle and fashion. Moreover, neutral colors such as black, brown and gray are often used so you can wear them with any outfit.

One product, one personality

In addition to their attractive aesthetic, Dragon Diffusion's woven leather bags are also very practical. Depending on the model, you can wear it on your shoulder or in your hand. Here are two examples of pieces that are as beautiful as they are elegant and timeless.

nantucket Dragon Diffusion

Zoom on the Nantucket Tote

The Nantucket Tote from Dragon Diffusion is a stylish and spacious leather bag. Designed with first quality materials, it offers a neat finish and an exceptional durability. Its handles ensure a comfortable shoulder carry, no matter what you are carrying, making it the ideal choice for your business or personal outings.

triple jump dragon diffusion

Triple Jump bag: the ally of your escapades

With its elegant and timeless design, count on the versatility of this Triple Jump bag to accompany you everywhere, whether you're traveling or on the go! Made of soft and durable leather, its storage space also makes it an excellent partner to carry all your essentials without constraint.

As you can see, Dragon Diffusion is a reference for high quality leather bags. With its original pieces, its trendy and timeless side, it is no wonder that the brand is appreciated by fashion lovers all over the world.

If you are looking for a stylish and durable leather bag, look no further than Dragon Diffusion.

February 14, 2023 — Isabelle Schweke

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