The holidays are quickly approaching, and finding the perfect gift can sometimes prove to be more complicated than expected. At Joée concept store, we've carefully selected a range of jewelry, clothing, and accessories that will make your loved ones' eyes sparkle. This month, we're highlighting a few key pieces that are sure to charm!

The Dragon Diffusion Santa Croce Big Bag in Black

Start off by impressing with the Santa Croce big bag from Dragon Diffusion. This iconic piece combines quality craftsmanship with a contemporary design. Its finely crafted weave and spacious silhouette make it an ideal choice for those who like to combine style and practicality.


The Victoire Earrings in Multicolored Tourmalines from Diaperis

For a touch of color and elegance, opt for the Victoire earrings in multicolored tourmalines from Diaperis. This piece captures the essence of elegance with their stones and sophisticated design.

The KOON Cashmere Deep Dye Storm Beanie

Wrap your loved ones in softness with the KOON cashmere Deep Dye Storm beanie. Made with the utmost care, this cashmere beanie offers not only exceptional comfort but also a unique aesthetic thanks to its enchanting tie-dye.


The Bachaumont Necklace by Perrine Taverniti

A timeless gift, the Bachaumont necklace by Perrine Taverniti embodies elegance and refinement. Its delicate design and subtle details make it a piece of jewelry that will complement your outfits, day or night.

The 100 Square Hulule Emerald Stole by Inoui Editions

Offer a splash of color with the Hulule emerald stole by Inoui Editions in wool. Crafted from noble materials, this stole will add a note of sophistication to any wardrobe, making it an unforgettable gift.

The Adjustable Round White Labradorite Ring by Au Fil de LO

For understated elegance, the white labradorite ring by Au Fil de LO is the ideal choice. Its natural stone and adjustable design make it a piece of jewelry suitable for all occasions.


The Grey Brown Brushed Racoon Sweater by CT Plage

Finally, for an incomparable softness, the grey brown brushed racoon sweater from CT Plage is a must-have gift. Its blend of comfort and style makes it a perfect gift for the upcoming season.

At Joée concept store, each piece tells a unique story. Make your gift a memorable moment by choosing from our carefully selected collection. Find the gift that will show your love and attention towards your loved ones. Discover the rest of our selection in store or directly on our website.

December 05, 2023 — Léana Le Gouas-Gallen
Tags: bijou Cadeau

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