The warm weather brings with it a desire for renewal and freshness, so what better way to celebrate the season than with unique jewellery? Your Joée boutique presents its selection of adjustable natural stone rings from the Au Fil de LO brand. Inspired by the world around us, these creations combine beauty, history and quality craftsmanship. Dive into the fascinating world of Au Fil de LO and discover unique jewellery that tells a story.

The inspiration behind Au Fil de LO

Au Fil de LO draws its inspiration from the world around it. Each ring is an invitation to travel, an ode to beautiful forgotten stories, to its ancestral origins or to a love at first sight for a unique object. These elements inspire the new models, giving birth to jewellery that leaves nothing to chance.

Quality materials 

Au Fil de LO jewellery is always plated with 3 micron/18 carat gold, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. The semi-precious stones used add a touch of elegance and mystery to each creation. These noble materials give the rings a timeless allure, capable of enhancing any outfit.

The art of the adjustable ring

Au Fil de LO's adjustable natural stone rings are not only beautiful, they're practical too. Their adjustable design allows them to fit different fingers, offering great flexibility. This makes them the ideal gift, whether you're looking for something for yourself or for a loved one.

An inspired and unique collection

Each Au Fil de LO ring is unique and carries with it a touch of the dream world. Whether the rings are adorned with labradorite, amethyst, rose quartz or any other semi-precious stone, each creation is a tribute to natural beauty and craftsmanship.

At Joée, we've been proud to offer you Au Fil de LO jewellery for several years, creations that offer a range of colours. Dive into our collection and let yourself be seduced by unique pieces that will brighten up your everyday life. With an Au Fil de LO ring, wear a story on your finger and take with you a piece of magic and beauty at every moment.

June 07, 2024 — Léana Le Gouas-Gallen

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