For this autumn / winter, I am pleased to welcome the Koon Cashmere brand.

The 2 creative friends had the very good idea to create the essential accessory of winter: the collar, but also the cups and mittens, all in 100% cashmere of Mongolia.

The passes are warmer and less cumbersome than a scarf, especially if you are scooter, they will make your happiness. the Koon Koon Cashmere You also guarantees softness and comfort with a non-irritating effect on the skin. Besides, you can also wear them to the skided-colored home to spend the winter warm, in a comfortable and cocooning outfit.

This Koon Cashmere collar is suitable for both women and men.

This year, the brand has renewed the collaboration with Veronika Loubry to create together this beautiful emerald color chiné, a real success!

You can discover at the Boutique Concept Store Joe The different colors or directly on our site.

Very nice gift idea for Christmas that will delight the one or the one who receives it!

November 15, 2021 — Isabelle Schweke

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