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Altéa necklace - Bohemian Rhapsodie

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. Description : Altéa is all in labradorite, green amethyst, pearl, zircons and 5 microns gold plated.

. Virtue of stones : Labradorite is a great source of energy. It allows you to get rid of the state of fatigue, whether mental or physical. The body feels lively and dynamic, and finds its vigor, that is why this stone is carried in the event of a drop in morale. It also forms real protection makes negative thoughts. Unloaded from this mental pollution, the mind is clearer and more positive.

. Dimensions : 38 cm

. French designer Bohemian Rhapsodie, ElsaFollows his inspiration and does not hesitate to reverse the established codes to better invent his own style with bohemian inspirations.

Each of the creations is unique and entirely handmade by Italian craftsmen


38 cm


labradorite, améthyste verte, perle, zircons et plaqué or 5 microns


Créatrice française Bohemian Rhapsodie, Elsa suit son inspiration et n’hésite pas à renverser les codes établis pour mieux inventer son propre style aux inspirations bohèmes. 

Chacune des créations est unique et entièrement faite à la main par des artisans Italiens 

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