Bohemian Rhapsodie

Ayin Chrysoprase - Bohemian Rhapsody loop


. Description : The Ayin loop is in chrysoprase and silver gold plated 5 microns. His iris is in ruby.

It is worn. If you want a pair, order 2 units or 190 €.

. Composition: Chrysoprase is known for its energy virtues. Wearing this stone in the form of jewelry has a beneficial effect on metabolism and all endocrine functions.

- Silver gold plated 5 microns

. Advice : All the stones are pre-selected and all different, which makes each Ayin unique.

. Dimensions : length 2 cm

. French designer Bohemian Rhapsody


longueur 2 cm


Argent plaqué or 5 microns, chrysoprase


Créatrice française Bohemian Rhapsodie 

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