The handbag is an object that combines practicality and style. An unwavering companion for the majority of women, it allows you to carry essential items with you without sacrificing its elegance. Having become absolutely essential in everyday life, it is very important to choose it well, because it will reflect your personality and your sense of aesthetics! There are all kinds of them, but the range we are going to present to you now stands out in many ways.

A sober and refined design

The archipel paris handbag brand is characterized above all by its clean and unadorned line. Its designer, Sébastien Cordoléani, relies on his training as a designer to produce a sober and elegant rendering, while giving himself the challenge of removing seams. The rendering impresses with its classicism, producing a summary of the major characteristics specific to the object while freeing itself from the superfluous. The absence of seams produces a supple and smooth touch, while modernity, in accordance with the image of quality evoked by its French design.

Practical without being bulky, beautiful without being flashy, the Archipel bag will fit discreetly into your wardrobe, whatever the trend. Its durability will allow you to keep it by your side for a long time, until you can no longer imagine yourself without: a great investment!

An ecological approach

The Archipel Paris handbag is made from natural materials including wood, bamboo, and of course leather. Despite its exotic name, it is entirely made in France in an ethical and artisanal approach, which exudes authenticity. Its design involves in particular natural tanning techniques, using exclusively tannins of vegetable origin to preserve the quality of the leather and prevent any polluting release. The same goes for the pigments used to dye the leather, allowing to obtain a precise range of sober but aesthetic colors.

To push the brand's ecological dimension even further, some of the products are even made from recycled leather. This material does not differ in appearance from real leather and retains equivalent durability, but hardly weighs on natural resources.

Each piece in the collection is a unique object made in a traditional way, respectful of people and the planet. If you are looking for a bag that combines ethics and design, Archipel Paris is the ideal solution.

Find the entire Archipel collection and make your choice right here:

July 18, 2019 — Joée

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