Louise Hendricks started her collections 13 years ago with a recognizable style: an urban globe trot inspiration with a retro rock edge, all in delicacy and femininity.

In matte gold-plated brass, its collection of necklace or long necklace medals, its black or white zirconia crosses have won everyone's support!

Your choice of earrings, necklaces or rings made in a Parisian workshop.

The Louise Hendricks jewelry collections are also semi-precious stones with emerald, lapis lazuli, turquoise, citrine, zoisite, apatite and raw or worked frames.

Louise Hendricks jewelry is now sold in many Anglo-Saxon countries and of course in the concept store Joée in Paris!

Discover the collection on the Joée.fr website

Nour turquoise ring - Louise Hendricks

June 12, 2019 — Joée

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