Don't waste another minute! Containment is over, the sun is back and we are on the verge of summer! If you still haven't chosen what to wear in the summer, it's high time to think about getting ready and updating your wardrobe.

Why not take a look at your shoes to begin with?

You can put away those winter shoes that don't let your feet breathe and finally put on open shoes, so you can enjoy the rays of the sun. What better way to do this than a beautiful pair of sandals: they are ideal for bringing a touch of lightness to your outfits, while keeping an elegant side. At Joée, we have prepared a selection of Rivecour sandals, with models that are both trendy and timeless.

Rivecour sandals: n ° 45

Here, one of our favorite models, this little pair of cognac-colored leather sandals is an elegant and refined piece. It will go perfectly with more dressy pieces, such as canvas pants, a jumpsuit or a skirt. Its three straps will perfectly dress your entire foot and provide you with comfort and stability, two very important things for shoes you will agree. They are the ideal pair to accompany you on an outing with friends, to an outdoor bar or restaurant.

Rivecour sandals: n ° 111

These sandals have only recently been available on our website, they are part of the new arrivals and we have fallen in love with them. The style changes completely from the previous model, for something really very casual and 100% suitable for summer wear. These straight-heeled sandals have a strap at the front, made by tying leather cords in the style of a sailor's knot. This specially shaped strap gives relief to the shoe and will go perfectly with original accessories, such as a cord belt for example. The fact that there are only two straps allows you to show off your feet and accentuate the laid-back style. This model is also available in gold. Between comfort and elegance, this pair of very feminine golden sandals will brighten up all your outfits.

You can of course find our other models directly on the site, or go to our concept store at the following address:

69, rue d'Argout 75002 Paris.

We will be better able to support and advise you there.

June 18, 2020 — Joée

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