Bohemian Rhapsodie

Berthe collar - Bohemian Rhapsodie

€269,00 €382,00

. Description : The Berthe necklace is in green, pyrite and gold plated 5 microns amethyst. His Central Beth Sefer is in an emerald.

Amethyst would be one of the most powerful stones to protect yourself from negative energies. It is used to fight against fears, stress, depression, anger and in general to help let go.

It promotes appeasement, calm. It accompanies changes and helps face the novelty with calm, lucidity and open -mindedness.

. Dimensions : length: 39 cm

. French designer Bohemian Rhapsody


39 cm


Améthyste verte, émeraude, pyrite et plaqué or 5 micron


Créatrice française Bohemian Rhapsodie

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